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Our Actions Matter LogoEveryday Actions

Each day, we have the chance to make dozens of decisions to conserve.

For example...

  • Wake up and take a quick shower.
  • Adjust thermostat so house isn't heated/cooled while away.
  • Lights off? Yep!
  • Walk to school and bike to work for excercise and conservation.
  • Use both sides of paper and recycle when I'm done.
  • Lunch is salad from a local farmer and tuna fish from a sustainable population.
  • Drinking water out of my reuseable cup.
  • At the store.  Paper or plastic?  Neither - I brought my own bag. 
  • Closed fridge right after pulling out supplies for dinner.
  • Found a leaky faucet and fixed it.
  • Turned off water while I brushed my teeth.
  • Good night!

These kinds of everyday actions add up and have a big impact on the health of our planet

You have the power to make a difference!


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